Pregnancy and Respect

I would say out of everything in my pregnancy that has made me depressed or anxious, nothing has compared to what was said to me today at the hospital. I woke up in the morning to blood and cramping. Im 39 weeks. My doctor went over all of the things to go to the hospital for at my last appointment. Bleeding was on the list. So was cramping. So as soon as I saw blood, I freaked out. I went straight to the closest hospital which wasn't the one my doctor is at. And I forgot to call my doctor first. I admit that probably wasn't smart on my part, but then again, I was BLEEDING!!!!!!!!! I also hadn't felt the baby kicking. She normally kicks all morning while im trying to sleep and I felt no movements at all. So I panicked and went straight to the hospital. As a first time mom and this being my first pregnancy, I was not aware that I absolutely had to go to the exact hospital where my doctor was. If I would have known that, I would have gone. The hospital I went to is literally a 3 minute drive. That's why I went there today. I didn't want to waste any time at all if something was wrong.

Telling me once that I should have gone to my doctors hospital should have been enough. But apparently for the nurses and doctors, that was the main thing they focused on. They flat out told me that bleeding wasn't an emergency. They also told me that unless the baby's arm was sticking out of my vagina, to not come back there. I was thinking that I was doing the right thing by going to the nearest hospital for what most pregnant women and doctors would consider to be an emergency. Bleeding and cramping at 39 weeks either signals the body preparing for labor or something wrong. I have horrible anxiety so of course I'm going to freak out.

This visit there today reminded me why I didn't want to have my prenatal care there. I made a huge mistake by going today. I should have went to the hospital my doctor is at. Not only because my records are there, but because they would have realized I was scared and understood my concern about bleeding. They would have treated me with respect. The red flag should have went up for me when I saw the nurses in the department standing and texting on their phones and commenting on the fact that they didn't have a lot of babies to take care of in there. Given the fact of how many babies are being born in this city and pregnant women, I should have known not to go there. This particular hospital has a horrible reputation and apparently it hasn't changed. And what's worse is that it is a Catholic hospital. I thought that I would be receiving good care and respect and didn't.

The way I was spoken to made me feel like a horrible mother. It made me feel like I wasn't doing anything right. Health professionals need to understand that showing respect goes a long way with patients. I learned my lesson this time. I will not go back to that hospital under any circumstances. I don't trust them. Telling a pregnant woman that bleeding is not an emergency is crazy. Part of me wants to file a complaint but then another part of me wonders if that would be overreacting. I don't know.

They didn't even tell me an exact cause of the bleeding. Just speculation. My cervix is 25 % effaced (thinned out) and I can have some bleeding from that. I'm still not dilated but at least now I know my body is preparing for labor now. I have my next appointment on Wednesday which will be my last before I am overdue. All I want is to hold my baby in my arms. I can't wait until she is here. Hopefully my horomones will level out afterwards and I wont get so upset about everything.


  1. hello mi no piqui inglis pero te visite para saludarte jaja

  2. Jajajajja gracias Enrique. Saludos, amigo.

  3. Wow... What an unfortunate experience. Lesson learned. Doesn't make it any easier I suppose.


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