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No Human Rights for Cubans

President Obama went to Cuba yesterday.  I have purposefully refused to watch media coverage of it. If you know about Cubans struggle for human tights then you know how the mainstream media will spin his trip. They will give lies about Cuba. Show pictures that are staged by the Castro regime. What they will not be showing is the scores of Cuban dissidents beaten before Obama's visit. This visit is a slap in the face to Cubans. The so called leader of the free world visiting a communist country that oppresses it's people. Not one word out of his mouth about freedom or human rights. It's pathetic. Not one single thing the Obama administration has done has helped the Cuban people. Loosening travel restrictions hasn't helped Cubans gain their rights. And it never will. And Obama knows that. This trip is just a slap in the face to Cubans and Cuban Americans exiled from their homeland. Cubans are beaten, jailed, raped, tortured and threatened on a daily basis by the Castro r…