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Cuba WILL be Free

I woke up Saturday morning to my daughter waking me up letting me know she was hungry. I fixed breakfast and looked at my Facebook for a minute and saw the news. Fidel Castro was dead. For a second I thought it wasn't real. But every post on my news feed was about it. The news sank in. I felt joy, happiness and relief when I realized it was real. He really was dead. He should have died years ago. He didn't deserve to live as long as he did. I am thankful to have almost all my friends despise Castro. Some don't understand why I hate him so much since I'm not Cuban. Others just say ok and don't really care for me to explain all the atrocities that he committed against Cubans and non Cubans as well. I have come across a few posts online praising Fidel. For the life of me I don't know how someone could do that. The crimes he committed are very well documented and I blame the media and their obsession with painting Cuba as a paradise under the Castros dictatorship. …