President-elect Donald Trump and Politics: My Thoughts

Tuesday night Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Honestly, I was surprised as many others were.  A man with no political experience defeating a woman with years of experience. I didn't vote for Trump. I don't like him. But I didn't like Clinton either. Clinton had way too many scandals and lies that came out and there is certainly no denying the impact they had on the election and her deafeat. Trump, well my personal opinion on him is that he built a campaign around shit talking about others. Of all the things he said he's going to accomplish, very few will be attainable. I noticed he has sharply changed his tone after this election. Because no one wants the leader of the free world mocking people with disabilites, talking shit about women sexually, etc.

Next year he will be our President. He will make decisions for this country. That worries me . The leader of the free world has to have not only good diplomacy and relations with countries and our allies, but also be mindful and aware of who our real enemies are. I don't trust any leader who has been getting close with Putin and Russia. It deeply troubles me seeing a communist like Putin be so happy of Trump's win. And it troubles me that others don't see it. It troubles me that others are so blind to follow a candidate who says the most ignorant shit out of his mouth towards Muslims, minorities, women,etc.

This election was shit to begin with. I know some people on both sides who didn't like their candidates but still voted for them. Why? Because they were Democrat or Republican. One person I know didn't even know the name of the Congressman they voted for. All he said was " I voted for the Democrat". This is one of the problems we have in our country with elections.  People blindly voting for someone just because of their party affiliation.  If Hitler ran as a Republican and Stalin ran as a Democrat, there is no doubt that they would still have people vote for each of them in their parties. We are at a critical point in this country and I don't see it getting better in 2020 when we have the next election.

What's done is done but I really hope the Republican Party knows what's at stake here. All eyes will be on them in January. They will have no excuse for anything not getting done and they need to be held accountable. Trump needs to be held accountable just like Obama was. And the Democrats have the next four years to find a candidate amongst them who can actually win an election. Both parties need to be fixed. And unless that happens, 2020 could well be a repeat of this election.

With all that said, I think we need to take a step back, calm down and pray. Pray for our country and families. Pray that he makes the right decisions and pray that the people of our country can unite and find common ground on certain issues that divide us.

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world for a reason. And it's because of us, the people. We have the freedom that other countries do not have. We have a choice in who we elect. Others do not. I will take freedom over tyranny any day. The next four years will be interesting to say the least.


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