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Finding Healing and Refuge in the Catholic Church

*I want to say first of all that this post is not meant to take away or diminish those who have suffered abuse by members of the Catholic Church or any other church. *In recent weeks here in Baltimore and around the country, the Netflix series The Keepers has been making the news in regards to the sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. It's a well known fact that a lot of people were abused by clergy within the church for years and that the clergy and staff in higher positions covered it up. It is shameful and should be dealt with. However, some of the media attention does not come from people who truly care about those affected. It comes from those who have so much hatred towards the Church that they do not care about reporting facts accurately. A lot of clergy have been falsely accused. And that also needs to stop immediately. Abuse doesn't only happen in the Catholic  Church. It happens everywhere. In every faith, in every culture. It is not confined to any one place…