The Hypocrisy of Journalism

Ever since President Trump took office it seems like every day the media lays it into him for something. Sometimes it's warranted. Others, not at all. The media in America has mostly always catered to the left wing of politics. From their unabashed support of the Clintons to their silence during the Obama administration. From their love of the Castro's in Cuba to their blatant silence of atrocities committed all over the world by communism. Its not hard at all to turn on the news and notice it.

During the Obama administration, the media and journalists turned a blind eye to mostly everything Obama did. From his poor performance to the healthcare debacle. They never questioned him the way they question Trump. They never picked apart every single word Obama said and spent days on the news covering it. Obama had it easy when he shouldn't of had.

There have been a number of horrific things in the news lately. Most of which have been numerous terror attacks. Two in England and one overseas where Coptic Christians were murdered by ISIS on a bus, including children.

With the terror attacks in England, the number one focus of those attacks should have been the victims. Instead the media focused on Trumps reaction. President Trump is not the Prime Minister of England. It is shameful for the American media and journalists to spend every single minute complaining about how Trump reacted instead of talking about the victims. Trump had nothing to do with the attack. He wasn't in England. He wasn't a victim. A lot of so called journalists slammed his responses to it. But yet these same journalists said nothing when Obama was in office and issued weak responses to attacks and even going so far as to not even use the word "terrorists" while addressing those who committed the attacks.

Then two weeks ago President Trump wrote a tweet and misspelled a word. That word, "covfefe" became a popular word among journalists and they spent all of their time talking about that word and making countless memes and jokes about it. It's one thing to just make fun of it then go on to the next story, but the majority of so called journalists spent ALL their time on it. Obsessing about it as if the mistake that Trump made was a terrorist act in and of itself. There are people and stories in this world more deserving of a journalists time and attention than a President who fucked up a word on twitter.

I can't imagine the victims of all the terrorist attacks and how they feel knowing the American media and its journalists don't give a shit about them. All they care about is Trump. They turn the littlest thing into a big deal and in turn take away from actual stories and issues that need to be addressed. I'm not saying everything that Trump does shouldn't be scrutinized. Of course he should be scrutinized for things just like every President and politician should. But there has to be some sort of accountability among journalists and the media for what they post. If you find yourself even daring to criticize something a journalist says, you are labeled as disrespectful, rude and not in support of journalism.

Journalism used to be a very noble profession. Journalists used to be held in high regard as those who dared to tell the truth and expose corruption. Now, it's all one sided. If you are a Democrat or liberal then you pretty much get a free pass on doing and saying whatever you want with no accountability from journalists. If you are a Republican/conservative you get repeatedly bashed by journalists and put under a microscope for every little thing you say or do.

Until journalism becomes a noble profession again and without bias towards one group and not the other, it will continue to decline in its relevance to American society. You cannot call yourself a journalist and ignore the wrongdoings of certain groups of people. Instead you become a political pawn being used and when you dare to step outside of the line, you will be attacked and slandered by your colleagues and friends.

Journalism is dying in America. And the blame is solely on the journalists themselves.


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