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A New Begining

2018 is 3 hours away. While many will be spending it at parties or with their significant others, I'll be spending it like I always have: at home. It's lonely, to be honest. I really wish I had the happiness that others have. The love, the content. It's always evaded me. But this year I'm going to try to go about things differently. I made alot of choices in 2017 that ultimately resulted in nothing but bad. I changed jobs alot. Partly because I thought it would be a better opportunity but it turned out different. And partly because of the lack of childcare I had for my daughter. I ended up closing out October with an evcition. Something I thought I would never have. I single-handedly put a roof over my mother's head for 6 years, 3 of them while also being a single parent with no help from my daughters father. In exchange for me providing housing, my mother would watch my daughter while i worked. But it soon became evident that instead of helping my daughter and tea…